Visiting weekend

Dear Vegans,

This year’s 2013 Parent Visiting Weekend started with our parents and grandparents riding along beautiful Echo Lake Road eager to start an amazing day amidst a whirlwind of activities that would be captured by loved one’s on film or video.   The first day was a scorcher, but those who stayed for a scrumptious lunch also had the luxury of dunking in Echo Lake with the many offerings on Vega’s famous camp beach.

Head Chef, Dave Roberts, who oversees the menus and brings his key staff each year to ensure healthy choices, once again did a superb job of feeding almost 1,800 people over the course of two days.  In fact, all of our key staff should be commended for their excellent job of reaching out to parents and families and swapping out their activity instructional time to drive the golf carts or meet and greet.  The tone of camp was relaxed and organized.  With our preference over the years of NOT having a public address system, the tranquil atmosphere was just what we wanted as families walked to activities and swam in the lake or just hung out at a picnic table under the shady areas.  With the Northeast having a heat wave, Vega was prepared as we have been with water breaks throughout the day.  It was a win – win situation: whether leaving camp for short period of time mid-day, or staying on campus, all families agree having the option was what Vega is all about.

The Counselor Hunt on Friday night was awesome, and after it was over, the visiting little sisters were treated to a nice thunder storm in the woods of Maine.  How much better does it get?  The hilarious Bunkle Beauty Pageant began with our main characters dressed in the dining hall from head to toe getting geared up for the show with their cabins.  The rolling laughter could be heard on the other side of the lake as the girls watched and danced with their decked out bunkles.

Kyle and Emily thanked the entire staff at dinner and your children and grandchildren stood and applauded as Kyle asked the staff to be recognized.  Our DHs were also recognized as were group leaders.  We thank all of our caring, loving families for giving the gift of summer camp to your daughters.

Feeling Vega Love out there and we all give it back to you.


Linda, Kyle & Emily