Visiting Weekend

Visiting Day at Camp Vega is one of the most anticipated weekends of the Summer for campers and parents alike. Friday and Saturday morning we welcome over 500 guests who have made the special trip to Maine to see their daughters, grand daughters, nieces and sisters.  Not only is it a time for families to gather, it is also a time for families to share in the magic of Vega. The opportunities campers have at Vega are second to none, but nothing is more beautiful than sharing those experiences with loved ones.

When the bell rings 9:00 a.m. campers run across the Land Sports field to jump full force into mom and dad’s arms. They grab their hands and pull them toward the bunk they’ve called home for the last four weeks. Here parents are finally able to meet the counselors they’ve entrusted their children with. Warm hugs and welcoming handshakes are quickly followed by the delivery of goodies galore and visiting day treats.
The rest of the day is filled with campers showing off their skills in the loving presence of family. Performances by the dance, theatre, ice skating, equestrian and gymnastics departments kept many campers busy through the morning schedules. The waterfront bustled with families looking to catch a glimpse of their campers waterskiing, and with the heat climbing higher and higher through the day, swim and sail became more and more popular.

Lunch on Visiting Day weekend is also one of the most anticipated meals of camp. Steak, potatoes and pasta salads sat alongside an enormous spread of cheese, fruit, crackers, hummus and salmon mousse. There was, of course, the never over looked, and always satisfying lobster rolls and dessert tables complete with the ice sculpture centerpiece molded as the Camp Vega logo. With coffee, tea, water and lemonade to quench the visitors thirst, campers and their families were in no danger of going hungry.

The afternoon allows for more time together in activities such as the giant rope swing at the ropes course, the water zip line at the waterfront, fun games down at land sports, tennis, music, mountain biking, etc. Campers who have left camp for the day begin to make their way back to sign and settle back in.

By 4:30 p.m. campers have said their goodbyes and parents are on their way back down Echo Lake Road. Though there can be some sadness, the two days of visiting weekend hold two of the most exciting events at camp. Gold rush and Bunkle Beauty help bring the campers back to the extraordinary world where the next two and a half weeks await them.