We Miss You, 2022!

Time flows differently at summer camp where there is a fairly common saying, “A day feels like a week, and a week feels like a day.”  It is hard to believe Vega ’22 has come and gone. 

So many people made the 2022 summer unforgettably outstanding through countless kind deeds and pursuits to improve themselves and those around them.  They will remain part of Vega forever!  Every single person, no matter their age, makes a difference within the Vega community.  The strength we gained in body and mind may not yet be fully realized; it is and will forever be within us.  

Administration Team: We hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are.  You learned so much everyday, and we saw you improve in efficiency and effectiveness throughout the summer.  Your management and organization led us to new heights as much as your unwavering positivity, patience, and dedication. 

Leadership: Thank you for “jumping in the boat” with us day after day, and for the incredible amount of love, structure, support and guidance you gave to your girls, staff, camp families, one another and us. You constantly pushed yourselves, us, your staff and the campers to live by the Vega Values, and gain as many skills and have as much fun as possible.  

Healthcare Team: Thank you for the care, time, and passion you gave everyday. We are so proud of all of you for creating a welcoming environment in Lovejoy. It is hard to believe that you were all new to Vega and hope to welcome you back for many years to come. 

Housekeeping/Laundry, Kitchen, Maintenance: HERE IS TO YOU!! Congratulations for achieving everything we asked of you. You did more than ever and made it look easy, including Rob, who in his first year fed us all everyday and led the kitchen with grace and positivity. Thank you!!

Office and Media: The joy and comfort you give to the parents through facilitating communication and taking pictures and videos to let them know their daughters are happy and safe is more than you know.  Office – from bells to letters you keep us on time and connected. Media – the record you’ve created of this summer will help carry us through the months and years ahead.  Thank you!

Bunk counselors:  We asked you to “embrace the cringe” and you delivered!  You welcomed Vega, your campers and each other into your hearts, and we know that the experiences and relationships you leave with this summer are unparalleled.  Words cannot express our gratitude, and that of the parents and campers, for your love, patience and dedication. Congratulations!

Campers: We are so proud of each and every one of you and wish you all of the best in school this year!  We will miss you so much and hope to take next summer to yet another level.  Thank you!! Because of you we’re always living #10for2.  

Camp parents: You should be proud of your girls as they took action and experienced such a wide variety of moments from early bird activity period to flashlight time.  Every moment presents opportunities and the campers took advantage of, and learned from them, whether they knew it or not.

Tamary:  This is good night and not goodbye!  We wish we could have spent the entire summer hanging out with you and hope that you can look back at your camp career fondly.  The bonds you have created will last a lifetime. You led the way before camp and every day since as united, genuine and flexible leaders.  The result was an UNFORGETTABLE 2022. You role modeled for the younger campers how to live together in harmony in Vega’s Kingdom.  And while your time as campers has come to a close, your legacy and traditions will live on forever. 

Thank you, we couldn’t be more grateful and proud! 

2022 Final Campfire at Sunset Circle

With love,

Kyle and Emily