We Miss You Vega!

Dear Vegans,Sunset Circle Final Campfire

Now that summer is almost officially over and you are all back in school or work, we want to once again thank you for all of the smiles and friendships that were created this at camp this summer.  Tamary: thank you girls for being wonderful campers – that is what we will remember you as!  We believe that you will all achieve greatness in life, such as (we hope) becoming wonderful summer camp counselors for Vega girls in a few years.  We hope that all of you continue your positivity and remember what it takes to be great friends and members of your school and community throughout the year.

At camp we have been busy preparing designs and supplies for projects this fall, winter, and spring and are always interested to hear about any ideas that you may have for next summer.  There are many renovations and restoration projects – we will keep you posted as much as possible along the way.

Best wishes for the year ahead… and beyond!

Kyle & Emily