What’s Happening?

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the guys up at camp are very busy with renovations of many camp buildings and structures.  Meanwhile, we’ve been busy getting ready for next summer with everything from organizing transportation, beginning to interview new staff, to meeting new campers from Southern California to Massachusetts to South Florida!

We’ve also been getting a bunch of great recommendations for new programs.  Right now, the top three that we plan on implementing:

1 – Leather work in Arts & Crafts
2 – Tetherball
3 – Ping Pong

The Tetherball (pictured) and Ping Pong games will be placed throughout camp for girls to play during rest and coaches period.  If this makes anyone think of any other ideas, reach out anytime.  We’ve been broadening our social media outlets to stay connected with all of you (we hope the facebook change wasn’t too annoying – Jeremy is sprucing it up now).  Also, be on the lookout for the Camp Vega homepage to look slightly different which should help keep everyone connected even more.

That’s it for now!

Tons of love,
Kyle & Emily