What’s New With the Performing Arts Program

With so many different activities at Camp Vega, our campers have plenty of opportunities to discover new talents and passions. One of the most popular areas at camp is our Performing Arts Program, comprised of Dance, Theater and Music. Many of our girls have taken their first steps on stage at Vega and have gone on to perform at home in the ‘real’ world as well. 

We love nothing more than seeing our campers shine at Vega and every summer.  The Performing Arts Program embraces both beginner and more advanced performers with the goal of giving them a creative atmosphere that allows them to find how far their range of their on-stage emotions, movements, and vocal talent can go. 

Singing, Instruments, Acting and Dancing allow many of our girls to explore their creative sides and gives them a chance to be in the spotlight. And for those that prefer to be involved behind the scenes, there is everything from set design to costume making and staging. 

Camp Vega creates a safe environment for campers to discover more about their gifts. Interacting and performing with like-minded campers provides the opportunity for their passion to grow, and maybe pick up a new interest along the way.  Our outstanding staff in these departments are extremely passionate about performing arts and many of them have worked in the industry professionally. 

Overseeing our Performing Arts program will be former Radio City Rockette and Vega staff of 13 years, Michelle Tolson.  Michelle has been teaching dance for 30 years, and danced professionally for 10.  She has performed at Radio City Music Hall and New York City Center, tours the country as a master teacher and has been a judge for dance competitions for over 15 years.  Michelle knows what it takes to be a great performer and how to get the best out of her students.  We are excited to have Michelle oversee our Performing Arts programs this summer!

Some of the highlights of the summer are our annual performances where campers are able to showcase their talents to the rest of camp. The girls work towards the theater plays, dance concert and music show throughout the summer.  Last summer, our junior campers performed a showcase of songs from well-known musicals, senior camp gave a great rendition of The Adams Family and Tamary went all out in a special rendition of Mamma Mia. The dance department put on a heartfelt show with the theme All You Need Is Love and our Vega musicians battled it out in the name of Battle of the Bands.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as we get ready to reveal our show themes for the 2019 summer!