An Upgrade for Vega’s Amazing Staff

Dear Vega,

We hope you are enjoying the end of the fall season, even though the temperatures feel more like winter already!  We are excited to share updates on the new Staff Room we are building.  Vega always has the best staff, and they work incredibly hard to ensure Vega campers are safe and having tons of fun both in activities and in the bunk.   We want to recognize our fantastic staff and hope they enjoy having a beautiful new space to relax and connect with friends.

Draft of the new Camp Vega Staff Room

As you can see, is will be a substantial upgrade!  In addition to much more overall space, the staff room will now boast a kitchenette, lockers for all staff, 2 flat screen T.V.s, multiple sitting areas, a pool table and a ping pong table.

The new Staff Room will be located next to the current Equestrian Center, where the Old Stables used to be.   We say used to be, because earlier this week, our maintenance crew – Tiger, Scott and Anthony – finished demolition of the Old Stables to make way for the new Staff Room as well as a much needed storage garage.

Demolition is complete at the Old Stables, where the new Staff Room will be built for summer 2014

Some of you may remember the Old Stables, which were turned into a storage area in the late ’80s when the current Equestrian Center was built.  Well, pictured here is what is now left of the Old Stables!

We are fortunate to have a maintenance crew who is looking forward to building the new storage area and MUCH bigger Staff Room for the 2014 season.  The horses are also going to be happy to see their paddock size increase as a result as well!

We’ll keep you posted on this project, along with others throughout the winter and spring.

Kyle & Emily