Blueberries, Senior Trips and Halloween

Summer Camp Vega Maine Blueberry Picking TripMaine is known for many delicious things, most notably lobster, Whoopie Pies, and of course blueberries.  Yesterday, the sub juniors and juniors headed out for an afternoon of picking blueberries. They had a wonderful time at the blueberry farm while enjoying a beautiful Maine afternoon. The golden rule of blueberry picking, “Eat one, save one,” made it possible for the girls to enjoy the fruits of their labor while they were picking, and the whole camp to enjoy breakfast this morning with delicious, fresh, Maine blueberries!
Yesterday, we welcomed home the Seniors from Bar Harbor, the Super Seniors from Sunday River, and Tamary from Montreal.  All three age groups had spectacular trips filled, new adventures, enjoying the outdoors, exploring new towns and cities and time spent with friends.
Today the Vega family was all back at camp doing activities in perfect weather.  Tonight we celebrated Halloween at Vega!  Everyone made costumes the past few days and the girls’ and counselors’ creativity was on display during the costume parade before lawn dinner. Halloween continued in the evening with various activities for the different age groups, all of which involved plenty of Halloween candy and even a Varna Bar.
It is hard to believe that in 2 weeks many of our campers and staff will be headed home for the rest of the summer and Vega will be filled with campers and moms for the mother daughter sleepover. We could not tell you where the time has gone, or how it has passed so quickly, but we can tell you that the first five weeks of the 2015 summer have been magical.