Camp Vega Summer Tutor Program Update

Classroom education has been “challenging” over the past year based on our various conversations with many camp families and as this report illustrates. While summer camp is filled with fun activities and friends, some girls do choose to spend a bit of time working with a tutor to keep up their academics.  

Tutoring at Vega was first formally offered about 20 years ago and has evolved quite a bit since then.  Various tutors would come to the Vega campus hoping to find their tutees ready and waiting to learn.  Then there was a decline in interest, perhaps coinciding with an interesting movie Race to Nowhere (2009).  However, interest has steadily increased over the past 6-7 years while the number of girls practicing for their Bat Mitzvahs scheduled for the end of the summer remained fairly consistent.

As technology advanced, along with our bandwidth, video sessions with various tutors from home have become more and more prevalent.  In 2019, it reached a point where we realized we had to restructure our tutoring program as scheduling appointments with 20-30 different tutors on top of on-campus tutors became impossible.  Current camp families may have noticed a significant update to the tutoring program in our “Activity Descriptions” information on their CampInTouch account: we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Fusion Academy (FA) who have developed a summer camp tutoring program for Vega campers.

This summer, camp families who would like to participate in tutoring will have access to a broad range to some of the most well versed and specialized virtual tutors available!  From elementary level math and english to enhanced SAT and ACT preparations to specialized language tutoring (including Hebrew) to coding and so much more, FA is ready to help now and during the summer at Vega.  

If you are considering or planning on tutoring this summer for your daughter, you can find more information including registration information here.  We will be coordinating all tutoring periods with a dedicated representative from FA moving forward. Of course if you would like to send your daughter with some summer work to complete with some help from a bunk counselor during rest period, you are more than welcome to do that as well.

If your daughter would like to bring her computer instead of using the ones in our new computer lab, please note that we will require administrative access to ensure that everyone is using appropriate programs and visiting appropriate sites.  It may take a few days before our IT team to create these settings, and you are welcome to send the computer prior to opening day if you would like.