Derby Day

As Camp Vega woke ready for it’s annual brother sister derby day, the rain poured down and the postponing of the much anticipated Vega Classic was inevitable. With weather unsure if it wanted to cooperate, campers and staff waited out the rain with the weekly lazy Sunday 
breakfast of bagels, lox, and donuts. Campers bided their time in bunks, playing jacks, writing letters, and some eagerly awaiting their guests.derby

As the Maine locals always say, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!”  As brothers, sisters and cousins arrived from different camps all over Maine, the sun arrived with them. The day went from dreary to bright and brilliant in a matter of minutes allowing for the exciting derby day activities to resume as originally planned.

The waterfront was open and ready for campers to sail, swim and brave a trip down the water zip line. The ski boats were gassed and ready to go, waiting patiently to pull squealing campers around Echo Lake. Cotton candy and snow cone stations were placed around camp along with fun games run by our Inter age group. The new field house sported a 65’ inflatable obstacle course, and just down the path, on the land sports field, stood a massive inflatable water slide and the traditional Tamary dunk tank.

Sun-kissed and goody filled, campers said goodbye to family and headed back to their bunks to finish off the day with dinner and a very special Sunset Circle. After traditional motions and beautiful words from our junior bunks, six year vests and eight year jackets were passed out to deserving camper and staff recipients.