Why is Senior Assembly so inspiring?

Thank you to contributor Laura Davis, 8-year counselor and group leader.

Day to day, we are so used to seeing everyone attached to screens, with kids and teenagers preferring to communicate with snaps, likes and comments rather than with actual spoken words.

Camp Vega is a place where girls feel comfortable enough to speak their minds out in the open and without the protection of a screen. Senior Assembly is a forum where they can debate real world (and real camp) issues and discuss them without fear of judgement and with extraordinary support and respect.

Once a week on Sunday mornings our three oldest age groups, Seniors, Super Seniors and Tamary, gather at Sunset Circle for Senior Assembly. Each assembly has a different theme chosen by a bunk or age group to start a group discussion.

The topics are varied and are subjects the girls feel passionate about. Previous themes have ranged from social pressures and (cyber)bullying, to body image and self-love, to equality and communication.

It is inspiring to see the campers open themselves up in front of their peers and say what is on their minds.

It is inspiring to hear them speak with such honesty and insight.

It is inspiring to witness their growth as they practice the skills and build the confidence to become the leaders of the future.

Each summer’s final Senior Assembly is hosted by Tamary, and is an opportunity for the oldest campers to share what camp has meant to them personally.  While listening to their beautiful sentiments there is nary a dry-eye in the circle.

We have seen girls come out of their shells and find their voices at Senior Assembly and are looking forward to another summer of growth and empowerment in 2020.