Vega 2013 – The end of something brings the start of something new

Dear Vegans,

Well, 2013 is just about over.  We would like to thank all of the girls (especially Tamary), the staff and the administration for making the 2013 summer one of the best camp seasons we can remember.  Reflecting back on last summer there are many moments that stand out, from daily activities to special events such as Olympic Break, Waterfront Afternoons, Sunset Circle and Apache Relay.  We always miss the smiles and energy after the summer is over and we pour over pictures and videos throughout the year to try and recapture those moments.

We begin planning for each summer more than a year in advance.  2013 began for us in 2012, and planning for 2014 is well underway.  It is a welcome challenge to make each summer the best camp experience, especially when the prior summer is so memorable, and for so many of us, “perfect.”  We find ourselves asking, how can we top that?

We do so by reminding ourselves that every summer is different –  different people, activities and circumstances.  2013 was special in it’s own way, just as every summer before it was, and as 2014 will be.  As Kyle said during the first, and last, Sunset Circles, the stars are only aligned this way today, at this moment, and that rings true especially this time of year as we say farewell to 2013 and look to the future.

We take this time to celebrate 2013 and all the joys and friendships that it brought to us and to the 2013 Vega community.  Every single camper, alumna, parent and staff member can help by keeping alive that special bond that is shared by everyone who has entered the Vega circle, and by knowing that we will always be there to support each other.

And again, to Tamary 2013: Never fear!  The end of something brings the start of something new.  Thank you Vega fortune cookies.

Wishing you all happiness, health and fun summer days in 2014,

With love and gratitude,
Kyle and Emily