Vega Theater Presents…

At Vega, we put great value in providing a truly well rounded experience. This, in hopes that every camper will take the opportunity to try something new! As summer 2017 starts to grow closer we are excited to announce this summer’s musicals.

Even if you think the stage life isn’t for you, Camp is the best place to test the waters and have fun doing it in a safe, fun environment! Still not convinced? Consider working backstage building sets or costumes. Theater, like Camp, is a community and it takes all types!


Sub Junior – Sub Super Junior: Musical Theater Showcasemusical-theatre

Like last year, Sub Juniors, Juniors and Sub Super Juniors will be performing a showcase, best exhibiting their musical theater talent. The girls will be learning and performing a variety of songs from Aladdin, Singing in the Rain, Cinderella, Annie, as well as many more.


Super Junior – Super Senior: Sound of Music

the-sound-of-music-4f8ca9cc7b1f2Maria always wanted to be a nun ever since but when she grew up and joined church, she could not cope because of her wild and longing-to-be-free personality. She is sent away to be a governess for a widowed father to run the house as his runs his ship. With her strong personality and unwillingness to take no for an answer, Maria succeeds in bringing happiness and music back to the house.


Tamary: High School Musical

high_school_musical_series_logoTamary 2017 will be getting their heads in the game with High School Musical. After Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez meet over winter break, Gabriella moves and they discover that they now go to the same school. However, while Gabriella fits in more with the brainiacs, Troy is a basketball jock. Their worlds collide as their attempt to be together finds them auditioning for the winter musical. It’s through song and dance that they, and their colliding friend groups, find common ground.

And remember, “All the world’s a stage…”