We Welcome You to Vega Camp, We’re Mighty Glad You’re Here!

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Whether it was by plane, train (err…bus) automobile, today marked the start of another amazing summer! Energy filled the air and cheers could be heard all the way at the end of Echo Lake road as tons of excited girls awaited the reunion of counselors, friends and their Vega sisters. Delighted faces were seen everywhere as campers then found our their bunk and bunkmates. After taking time to settle in and walk (or run) the grounds, campers enjoyed a quick game of tennis, flying kites and catching up with old friends. The fun and excitement didn’t stop there, as campers of all ages filled the dining room with cheers and silly songs. We hope that everyone rests up tonight and are ready for the first full day of activities tomorrow! We have everything from water skiing, making friendship bracelets, playing a game of Gaga or saddling up for a horseback ride in the arena and we can’t wait to get started!