Camp Vega’s activity program is the perfect balance of safety, fun, structure, and choice.

Before camp begins families can submit their activity preferences, and then we create custom schedules for each camper.  While creating the schedules, we make sure that girls are with other girls from their bunk in every activity they choose.  During the first few days of camp, counselors and group leaders are checking in with each camper to make sure everyone is enjoying their activities and see if they want to make any changes.  Girls then can adjust their schedule for the second half of the summer.

If you have had a chance to put together an example schedule on the “Create Your Own Schedule” page you may be wondering if you are going to be able to do other activities if they do not sign up for them.  The answer is yes!  Girls do get a chance to do every activity at camp either with their bunk or age-group throughout the summer during evening activities and other special events.  For example, girls will be able to spend plenty of time in the art studio throughout the summer even if they do not sign up for Arts & Crafts as one of their activities. 

Vega offers an array of athletic programs, waterfront activities, onsite equestrian instruction, gymnastics, and studio and performing arts.  Whatever your daughter’s interests or strengths may be, she will fall in love with the activities at Vega.  Our instructors and facilities are top notch.  Camp is all about trying new things and improving your daughter’s skills in both new activities and those she already enjoys.


At Vega you will have so many activities to choose from, as well as those in which all Vega Campers participate.  We have talented instructors who want you to be successful in any activity you choose.  Before you get to camp, you and your parents will already have chosen most of your activities.  So, you will know what your schedule is before you arrive and you will start having fun right away!

You will have both swimming and landsports as part of your daily schedule Monday through Saturday with your entire age-group, and the rest of your program is chosen by you.  You will be grouped within your age group and will have lots of opportunities to have fun playing games and to develop so many new skills.


Once you have completed the 6th grade, you will be able to choose your entire program! One of your options is to specialize in one or two particular areas and to do them much of the day.  Most girls do like to do a bit of everything.  No matter what you choose to do, you will be busy all day long having the time of your life!


We spend time with you and your daughter before and during camp to ensure her  schedule is just the way she wants it.  She will be participating in fun activities that she is interested in with her friends in a structured and safe environment.

Girls can change their schedule at the beginning of camp and half-way through camp on Visiting Weekend.  If there is a particular activity that is important to you, families can let us know ahead of time for extra practice, games and/or private instruction at no extra cost.