Example Schedule for Junior Camp (11 and under). This Camper’s 7 Electives are in Bold.


Camp Vega’s activity program is the perfect balance of safety and fun, structure and choice.

Vega offers an array of athletic programs, waterfront activities, onsite equestrian instruction, gymnastics, and visual and performing arts.  Whatever your daughter’s interests or strengths may be, she will fall in love with the activities at Vega.   Camp is all about having fun; Vega campers get to try new things and improve skills in both new activities and those they already enjoy.

Vega is unique in offering campers of all ages so much choice in activity scheduling.  By allowing campers to choose what interests them, while still exposing girls to new and different experiences, campers are excited to go to their activities.  Add in top notch instructors and facilities and the result is joyful participation with real skill development.


Families submit activity choices to us via an online form before camp begins.  Campers in Junior Camp (finishing 1st – 5th grade) submit 7 activity choices and have Swimming, Tennis and Landsports 3x/week with their age groups.  Campers in Senior Camp (finishing 6th – 9th) submit 10 activity choices.  We then create individual schedules for each camper, making sure that girls are with others from their bunk and/or age group in every activity they choose.  It may be helpful to visit our Create Your Own Schedule page to illustrate.

During the first few days of camp, counselors and group leaders check in with each camper to make sure everyone is enjoying their activities.  Girls can adjust their schedule during the first few days or with parents on Visiting Day.  If there is a particular activity that is important to you, families can let us know ahead of time for extra practice, games and/or private instruction.

If you have had a chance to put together an example schedule on the Create Your Own Schedule page you may be wondering if you are going to be able to do other activities if they are not on your schedule.  The answer is yes!  Girls get a chance to do every activity at camp either with their bunk or age-group throughout the summer via daily Evening Activities and other special events.  For example, girls will be able to spend plenty of time in the art studio even if they do not sign up for Art as one of their activities.

No matter what you choose to do, you will be busy all day long having the time of your life!