Landsports & Fitness


At Camp Vega, our Landsports program is designed to strike the perfect balance between exposure and choice for each camper. We offer a diverse range of sports, including archery, basketball, field hockey, gaga, golf, lacrosse, sand volleyball, soccer, softball, and track and field.

For campers in the 5th grade and under, Landsports are scheduled every other day, where they participate in Landsports as a group. These young campers experience a mix of “rotation days” for exposure to various sports and “choice days” to focus on their preferred activities throughout the summer. Additionally, campers have the option to add an extra Landsports session to their activity choices.

Campers in the 6th grade and older have the opportunity to select specific Landsports, such as Soccer or Basketball, to include in their schedule. They concentrate exclusively on their chosen sports.

Our impeccably maintained fields are generously sized, lush, and available for play throughout the summer. The soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse fields feature full-size, top-notch goals. Even during softball or kickball games, our outstanding facilities, complete with scoreboards, dugouts, backstops, batting cages, and diamond, create an atmosphere reminiscent of a semi-professional ballpark.

At Camp Vega, we take pride in providing the best fields and equipment you’ve ever used. For those interested in golf, we offer a chipping course right here at camp. Our coaching staff is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to enhance everyone’s skills while ensuring that everyone has a blast.


Our comprehensive fitness program provides campers with a multitude of options to help them achieve their optimal physical fitness.

Under the Fitness category, campers can choose from a variety of offerings, including Spin, Circuit Training, and High-Fitness classes.

For those who enjoy running, our picturesque surroundings offer the perfect backdrop as girls challenge themselves to become members of the coveted “50 Mile Club” over the course of the summer.

We’re excited to reintroduce Yoga in 2024, giving girls the opportunity to learn and perfect a wide range of Yoga poses that enhance their balance, strength, and flexibility.