Outdoor Adventure & Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Girls who choose mountain biking at Vega can do everything from learn how to ride a bike, to cruise around the Vega campus, or head to the Vega Outback.  In the Outback girls can explore miles of trails, bridges and other terrain with our certified staff.

Outdoor Adventure


Some of the most important values you can gain at Vega are respect, love and understanding of the natural beauty that surrounds us.  We will help you to live in harmony with the great outdoors that is so evident at Vega.  Camp Vega is situated on over 320 private acres with nearly two miles of lakefront, there is lots of room to be completely out in nature while still being on our camp grounds.

You will have a chance to spend time in the Vega Outback and the Vega Point.  We have campsites nestled throughout trails on the forest and shoreline, where you can have the opportunity to pitch tents, build campfires, cook over an open fire and preserve the environment.  The stories you will hear and tell as you sing camp songs around the campfire will form some of your longest-lasting and sweetest memories.