Equestrian at Vega

Horseback riding (known as “Equestrian) at Vega is a great opportunity for girls who have never rode a horse or girls who compete in equestrian shows at home!  We teach English Hunt Seat in the riding rings, and girls also embark on trail rides throughout 250 acres.  Kids and horses both love trail rides that involve a quick dip in the water too!  Our enormous, gorgeous barn is right in camp, so it doesn’t take any longer to get to riding than to any other activity.  Summer camp is a great place to learn how to ride horses if you are a beginner.  And if you already love horseback riding and ride throughout the year, at Vega, you will have the opportunity to ride everyday if you choose to.

Our three riding rings allow us to focus on appropriate skills, and they have very soft footing and our rails and jumps keep the program fun.  Girls can also become comfortable with horse care through grooming the horses and learn the equestrian language!  Both our experienced instructors and horses you can ride are preparing in barns throughout the year to meet your personal needs and to keep you safe.

We also host horse shows and attend shows at other nearby camps for girls to maintain a competitive edge.