Meals & Dining

Camp MealsDining Hall

Meals at Camp Vega are an important part of daily life.  Campers and staff come together to eat, talk about their day and of course, sing camp songs and cheers.  Camp spirit is always on display in the Vega Dining Hall!

Campers and staff sit together at assigned tables with others from their age group.  Seating assignments change weekly, which allows girls to meet new friends and counselors.   The entire Vega community often eats together out on the Dining Hall deck during “lawn meals”.

What’s on the Menu?

All Dining Hall meals are served buffet-style. In addition to the daily main courses, a wide variety of nutritious choices are available.  Fresh fruits, organic yogurt and assorted cereals are offered at breakfast.  Lunch and dinner boast a full salad bar with an abundance of fresh produce and wholesome proteins such as quinoa and homemade hummus.  Alternate choices also include a pasta bar, sandwich bar and soup station.  Local and organic items are used daily.


There are three snack times everyday. Twice a day, in between meals, we offer snacks at our two snack locations on camp, Tee-Pee and Snack Shak.  Morning snack consists of fruit and homemade fruit smoothies.  In the afternoon we serve homemade, freshly popped popcorn and fruit.  In the evening, counselors pick up healthy snacks from the Dining Hall as they leave dinner in case campers get hungry between dinner and bedtime.

Food Allergies

If your daughter has food allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions, you are at the right place. None of our food has peanuts or tree nuts of any kind. We accommodate campers with gluten-free and dairy-free diets, as well as other food allergies, such as seeds, fish, shellfish, and eggs. Vega’s parents have rated us one of the best summer camps for girls with allergies.

Our certified and trained staff diligently prepares substitute items with great care in accordance with strict food safety and sanitation principles.  Separate preparation areas, cutting boards, knives, equipment, and serving utensils are used to prevent cross contamination.  Any medically necessitated menu modifications are made in consultation with our nursing staff and are implemented with the cooperation of camp counselors during meal service for the well-being of our campers.

Please contact us providing details of your daughter’s dietary needs so that we can determine what menu items need to be substituted.  Many specialty items can be purchased through our main line suppliers.  Other items may need to be purchased and shipped by parents for use during meal service.  Our practice is to serve substitute items that closely relate to the scheduled meal pattern.  We ask that you check with dining services before sending items to make sure that they can be utilized in accordance with our menu plan.