Camp Clothes


Vega’s approach to clothing for both campers and staff is summed up this way:  “They get up.  They put their green shorts on.  They put their white shirt on.  And they’re out!”  It is a simple, proven formula that has been the Vega way for many decades.  It makes it very easy for even our youngest campers to start their day. And for our older girls, it keeps the importance of wardrobe and clothing in the right place.

For you as parents, it is also a very easy way to keep their summer wardrobe separated from their other clothing that may be used while they are at home during the school year and after they return from summer camp. Our dress code helps to eliminate aesthetic competition that could detract from the camp’s wholesome community atmosphere, and our in house same-day laundry service makes it easy for campers to always be clean and organized.

We make it easy for you to acquire the Vega wear by linking you to The Camp Spot website where all the Vega apparel and accessories may be purchased.