Camp Communication

Communicating with your daughter at sleepaway camp is important, and it has the potential to influence a camper’s summer positively or negatively.  We have some great suggestions in our Tips for 1st Camp Year Families document to help make sure you are making a positive difference!

Throughout the summer, parents can write letters, emails and schedule video calls to speak with their daughters.  We provide unlimited postage for your daughter for letters. Campers can also use eLetters, which are handwritten letters that are scanned to your email.

Camp Vega also posts hundreds of photos everyday of the girls in action. You can view these photos and send emails to your daughter that we print and deliver to her at to find out what is happening at camp.

Your daughter’s Group Leader or one of the directors may also reach out to you for anything that your daughter may want us to communicate with you.  We will certainly reach out to you if there is ever any challenge that arises and is not being overcome.  You may also call camp (800-838-8342) to check in on your daughter anytime.