Health & Wellness


One of the most important aspects of life at summer camp is staying healthy.  At Vega we are passionate about health, and from the food options in the dining hall, to the soccer fields, to our state of the art health center, we strive to keep girls enjoying every aspect of camp by instilling the importance of health to everyone.   

Our health center team consists of residential doctors, nurses and aides to make sure everyone can take advantage of every single activity all summer long. The Vega health center communicates with every parent if their daughter is injured, sick, or sees our doctor.  The COVID pandemic especially forced summer camps to scrutinize every detail to ensure the virus does not spread.  A few of the additional measures we have taken to ensure a healthy experience include:

Camper cabins are equipped with industrial exhaust fans

Every building entrance has hand sanitizer dispensers

Use of electrostatic sprayers 

Increasing training to community of best practices and health surveillance