Meet the Equestrian Staff

Lea Edwards  –  Equestrian Director

My name is Lea Edwards.

I’m from Camden, South Carolina.

4th year at Vega, DH of Equestrian

My favorite things to do (besides riding horses) are creating things, throwing on the wheel, painting, glamping with my kids, and listening to Dead and Co.

The hardest thing about the summer of 2020 was staying in hot South Carolina for the summer. I love Vega!, meeting/working with new staff, and then finally seeing the campers arrive! That’s an epic day!  

Something new I learned? I learned all about Tic Tok and some new moves with my daughter, Eliza.

What I’m most excited for is seeing everyone; especially my little equestrians, jumping in the lake (pre-camp), and taking campers and horses swimming.

First Name: Hannah 

Last Name: Watt

Hometown: South Jordan Utah

Current grade: Jr in College

School: Utah State

2021 will be my first year at Vega:

Hobbies/favorite activities:

I love to ride horses, read, hang out with my friends, swim, and have a good time!

What was the hardest part about summer 2020:

Having to change plans at the last minute!

Something new that I learned during the pandemic/summer 2020:

I learned how to prioritize my time. 

What are you most excited for Vega 2021:

Learning new riding techniques, teaching what I love, and creating great memories!

Check back soon for more 2021 staff!

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