CV ’23 – Weekly Video Wrap Up, Gratitude

Camp Vega Final Week

Greetings Vega Camp Families and Staff Members,

We are happy to share the Final Weekly Recap Video of 2023!

For weeks, Vega echoed with the laughter and shrieks of delight of campers and staff, the cheers of victories, and the heartfelt conversations beneath the starlit sky. From fine arts, to performing arts, to thrilling sports matches and wacky relays, every moment was a chance to bond, learn, and grow. The final week was no exception – it encapsulated the essence of the entire summer, bringing together memories, friendships, and emotions into a crescendo of experiences.

As we watched the highlights from the final week of Camp Vega, it became abundantly clear that it’s the little moments that make camp/life truly beautiful. It also reminded us how much we miss everyone! The smiles exchanged, the supportive hugs, and the shared triumphs – these are the memories that will forever be etched in our hearts.

Through these experiences, we’ve not only grown individually but also as a community. The camaraderie formed this summer is a testament to the magic of Camp Vega and the people that live here. We’ve learned to celebrate each other’s successes and lend a hand during setbacks. These lessons extend beyond the camp’s boundaries, serving as reminders of the kind of world we wish to create beyond the summer months. In other words: “Represent!”

As the sun sets on this remarkable summer, we look forward to the days when we can be together again, sharing laughter, friendship, and the spirit of Vega. Until then, know that you have made a difference in your own lives and the lives of many others.  Every camp family and staff member’s contributions will be forever a part of Vega and remembered fondly.

With gratitude,

Kyle and Emily