Reflections From The Summer on Echo Lake

In a world filled with so many unknowns, we knew with certainty that 2021 would be a historic summer.  We are both humbled and proud to have shared it with all of the amazing campers, staff, and camp parents that chose Camp Vega 2021.  The strength everyone gained in body and mind may not yet be realized; it is and will forever be within us.  The bond we now share, having experienced the remarkable joys and overcoming the challenges this summer together, cannot be broken.

We have few regrets, one being that we were unable to fulfill our goal of providing a creative and insightful weekly blog update!  Every ounce of our creative energy was put into creating the most fun and safe experience we could muster.  

Ultimately, the most rewarding and challenging moments this summer came from the same source as they always have – from the people.  One never knows how much time will be needed to help someone overcome their struggles when it is presented to them.  And one never knows how much they can enjoy the company of anyone, regardless of their age, when they are given an opportunity they (are forced to) embrace (because they are in a bubble) with no distractions.  

We have been forced to face perhaps the most difficult moment: bidding farewell, especially to Tamary.  Tamary, the oldest age-group, led the entire camp community and set a new precedent for gratitude, self-belief, unity, empathy, and integrity.  We send every camper and staff member back into the “real world” in hopes that they can use this indescribable experience to better themselves and remember that the easiest way to do that is to help those around them.  

As always, we promise that we will do everything we can to ensure that Vega will provide that same opportunity for future generations to come.