Striving for Gratitude

Greetings Vega Families,

Next Thursday, November 23rd we will join in with those of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving and striving to take our gratitude to the next level. Everyone makes so many choices in life, and choosing gratitude is of our Vega Values as it has been shown to improve one’s own life in many publications like this one. These 5 values,  Believe in yourself, build unity, live with integrity, have empathy and choose gratitude are the values that each Vega camper and staff member strive to embody everyday and that is what makes Vega so special. 

Choosing Gratitude means looking for the good in all situations, knowing few situations are all 100% good. Choosing gratitude requires discipline and practice – it is easy to think about what is going wrong and fixate on what you wish would change. And yet, by choosing to focus on what is going right and where you can express gratitude you are choosing your own happiness as a priority, which can have a much greater impact than you may realize.  

We understand that there are moments Choosing Gratitude might sometimes feel like a challenge or are impossible. It is during these times that the simple acts of kindness, compassion and choosing gratitude can mean the most.  You can give this Thanksgiving by simply expressing gratitude verbally, because that is a form of giving. Whether it’s thanking someone for their support, acknowledging their efforts, or appreciating their presence, verbal expressions of gratitude contribute positively to relationships.  Remember it is about celebrating not only your own successes but also the achievements of others.  

Last year we shared Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on the effect words and thoughts have on water with our staff and thought it was worth sharing here too. If thoughts and words can change water molecules like that, imagine how they can change you! 

Ivanna will be sharing some our gratitude on social media next week, feel free to join along!  And whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, we invite you to spend the day choosing gratitude. 

With gratitude, 

The Camp Vega Team