More Camp Activity Updates!

With the summer season fast approaching, we’re happy to share some more updates about our camp activities! If you have not yet submitted the activity selection form, please take a few minutes to do so at your convenience or reach out to Brittany with any questions. In addition, if you would like to see a copy of your working schedule, you can also reach out. And of course once camp begins girls will have the opportunity to make schedule changes the first 2-3 days of camp and then again at the halfway point, Sunday the 14th of July.

Now, on to the updates and reminders! 

1. Lakefront Inflatables and Diving Activities:

We mentioned in the last blog that we have a slew of new inflatables arriving this summer, and spending even more time can be available as an inflatable activity period. New larger inflatables include the Aquaglide I-Hop, Rocket, Triad, and Overpass! For anyone who loves hanging out, bouncing, climbing, and/or sliding on the water, select “Swim – Free Swim and Inflatables”. Additionally, campers looking to improve their diving skills can hone their abilities at the 3-meter diving boards during activity periods by selecting “Swim – Diving”.

2. Wilderness Survival Program:

Challenge awaits with the new Wilderness Survival program (not to mention important life skills)! As an optional part of our Outdoor Adventure offerings, campers will have the opportunity to learn essential wilderness survival skills and earn the prestigious “Camp Vega Junior Maine Guide” bracelet award. Department Head Sophie, alongside her father who instructs Outback Survival in Australia, is developing a camp-friendly skill chart to guide campers through this exciting journey of exploration and skill building.  

Ultimately, the Wilderness Survival Program at Camp Vega is about more than just earning an awesome bracelet; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey of exploration, discovery, and empowerment. It’s about equipping campers with the skills, mindset, and reverence for the natural world that will serve those who focus on it throughout their lives.

3. Private Tennis Reminder:

Due to the volume of private tennis lesson registrations, we are setting a deadline of May 15th to register for private tennis lessons.  If you have not been in touch with Arup or completed the registration form, please take 1-2 minutes to complete the private tennis lesson registration form to reserve extra instruction.  

4. Musical Theater Productions:

We’re thrilled to confirm this year’s slated musical theater productions! Our talented campers will bring to life three spectacular shows:

  • Spongebob, The Musical: Sub Juniors and Juniors will dive into the underwater world of Bikini Bottom.
  • Aladdin: Sub-Supers through Super Seniors will embark on a magical journey through the streets of Agrabah.
  • Six: Tamary will showcase this electrifying musical, bringing to life the stories of Henry VIII’s six wives.

5. Dance Department Head Introduction:

After 18 incredible years, we bid a fond and grateful farewell to Michelle Tolson, who has decided to focus her professional endeavors closer to her home in Brooklyn, including towards her professorship at AMDA. Michelle’s dedication and passion for so many people at camp and dance at Vega will be greatly missed, and we extend our heartfelt thanks for her invaluable contributions to so many Vegans.

We are delighted to introduce Elaine Sledge from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, as our new Dance Department Head. With broad and extensive experience coaching and instructing most types of dance, Elaine is particularly skilled and trained in ballet and jazz. She is just as thrilled to join our camp community as we are to welcome her, along with everyone, in almost 3 months!

As we prepare to make this summer at Vega the best yet, we grow more and more excited to see and welcome everyone!

The Vega Team