A Message from Linda Courtiss – Director Emeritus  

Years ago, I believe it was 1976, I remember being in Moosehead and having the parents of a Vega daughter come to our cabin the night before Visiting Day at 9:30. ‘Knock, knock.’  “Dick?  Linda?”   Apparently, the Florida parents decided to rent an RV and were staying on a local campground.  With an apologetic smile, they explained they “could not wait” until the morning.   As parents, we know we are all excited to see our children at camp for this special day.  Dick and I gave them a hug and a farewell after Dick ‘chastised’ them for breaking the rules.   

Parents and visitors, when you are here, take time out with your daughter(s) to go to her campsite or someplace quiet to listen to the sounds of nature and all the species that share our space.   

Tamary was here at the Cove Cookout tonight for the weekly Cove visit.   Michael and I prepped beforehand and grilled some amazing cheese sandwiches with Linda’s special recipe.  We all called it Tamary’s appetizer with a side of sweet cucumber pickles…. I mean 4 large jars that were consumed as if it were a side salad.  I can identify since I love sweet cucumber pickles with burgers.   

As we relaxed and sat down, two loons came into shore close to the Cove dock. Their calls filled the air around us and the Tamary girls said, “Linda, look.  There are two loons coming toward us.”  

It reminded me of the last Sunset Circle.  A huge osprey flew in circles above, heralding in the procession. When I spoke to everyone that night, I asked everyone to close their eyes and hold hands and listen to the sounds of the planet. I mentioned the osprey sound and reminded everyone to be aware of our fellow species that live here with us and appreciate that we share the same space.  Tonight, was such a night. 

I also mentioned how blessed I am to be here with Kyle and Emily.  Your children are so fortunate to be here with them leading the camp! 

Love, Linda