Camp Trucking Online Registration

Vega camper and counselor on Opening Day 2012

Dear Vega,

Although June may seem far away, the days are getting longer and there are only 125 until camp!  Before you know it, your bags will be packed and you’ll be ready to go.  We want your arrival on opening day to be fun and easy.  One important way we make that happen is by getting your bags unpacked for you before you arrive.

We use a company called Camp Trucking to pick your bags at your house and deliver them directly to you bunk.  There your counselors neatly unpack your items into your cubby, shelf and bed.  Camp Trucking picks up all over the continental US, and is the most efficient and cost effective way to get your items to camp.

Camp Trucking recently told us that their website,, is open for registration for this summer, and they are starting to plan logistics to pick up everyone’s bags.  Please visit their website and to register online and learn more about their services.

Please let us, or Camp Trucking know if we can assist you.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Kyle and Emily