New Additions To Waterski!

Dear Vegans,

We hope you have been enjoying the #VegaMysteryPics contest.   We are planning on continuing to play this game via Vega’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  However, if anyone is unable to access our social media and would like to continue to play, please let us know and we’ll send you the picture a different way.

In other news, we’re excited to announce we’ve finalized the designs for brand new ski boats for next summer.  We have been purchasing Mastercraft Prostar 197s for about 20 years now, which are most ideal for slalom skiing.  Over the years, wakeboarding and more recently wakesurfing, have become more and more popular.  This year we decided to make a big upgrade, and are going to have two Mastercraft Prostar 197s for skiing (and also wake sports) and two Mastercraft X2s! These X2s can carry more girls and create bigger and different wakes, which is going to make Wakesurfing and Wakeboarding much easier to practice.  The X2s can also accommodate skiers too!

We’re looking forward to making Vega’s waterski experience even more enjoyable and can are excited to test out the new boats!

Find out more about the Wakesurfing here:

and more about our new Mastercraft X2 boats here:

Tons of love!
Kyle and Emily