Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

 We are working together here at Vega to make great things happen!

One of these things is perhaps our “biggest” project before the summer- the docks! The pre-camp maintenance crew has been working hard (and having fun too!) installing all the docks in Echo Lake.  These include the swimming, small crafts and waterski areas. While it’s not an easy task, we always have fun getting ready for campers’ arrival. Soon after the docks are installed, our skilled waterfront staff will begin getting certified, training and preparing to make this summer awesome.

Along with getting the docks ready, our staff has also been busy getting other areas ready to roll. We’ve been getting the barn and  horses ready (and boy are they excited for opening day!), refinishing the tennis courts and cleaning the bunks. The spin bikes are arriving as well.  Everything is looking fantastic!

The grounds are looking great and are awaiting your arrival! We can’t wait Vega, only 18 more days!