Another Olympic Sunday

Another Olympic Day went off without a hitch. Like last week, camp was divided between Swim and Landsports. This time, Senior Camp ran the swim relays while Junior Camp competed in Track & Field, Soccer, Kickball, Nuke ‘Em and Softball. Each team gave it their all and above all represented themselves with the utmost sportsmanship. In the end, Green has the lead by a mere 30 points.

We finished today with Sunset Circle. Tonight’s speaker was Debbie Green, Head Counselor. She shared with us her passion for Vega and wealth of experience through her 8 summers as a group leader. As a mother, wife and true Vegan, she heart-fully conveyed her appreciation for being back at her summer home. We are so fortunate to have her back with us and looking forward to sharing 5 more weeks together.

The Vega News Office