Beach Day!

YestCamp Vega Beach Dayerday we sent just about everyone to the Maine Coast!  The Sub Juniors, Juniors and Sub Supers went to Reid State Park and enjoyed a cookout and beach games in the always refreshing Maine ocean waters.  Meanwhile the Super Juniors, Inters, Seniors and Super Seniors visited Ogunquit Beach, which is a quintessential Maine beach and town.  All reports from beach day were extremely positive and some said it was the best Beach Day in over 10 years!

Meanwhile, back at camp Tamary Take Over Day was quite enjoyable with the Giant Swing, Waterskiing, and they even hosted their own Cupcake Wars.  It was an ultimate take-over.

On the Olympic Front it is extremely close.  White has taken a 1 point lead, 50 to 49.  Green won the majority of landsports events (3-2) while White won the majority of swim relays (7-3).  We are enjoying a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule right now and all activities are in full swing.