Good Luck Green, Good Luck White! Olympic Day 1

Oympic Soccer at Camp VegaToday began with a lazy breakfast, so everyone got to go to breakfast in their pajamas for bagels, donuts and some more healthy options as well (especially after yesterday’s festivities)!  After breakfast the girls got ready for bunk photos.  Parents remember to pick up your daughter’s bunk pictures on visiting day.

The younger girls then went to song practice to training for the Olympic sing one of the most important Olympic events at the end of the summer.  The girls learned songs and also were able to do some tubing to keep the morning a fun-filled as possible.  Meanwhile, the Seniors on up went to Senior Assembly to discuss the topic of equality, which was chosen and presented by Sugarloaf.  It was a wonderful forum that delved into such a meaningful topic.  How can we really achieve equality knowing that every single one of us different from the person next to us?  We realized that it comes down to respect, communication, always striving to truly know one another, and much more.

Olympic Swim at VegaAfter lunch we assigned roles for the Olympic events of the afternoon.  The seniors up competed against each other in landsports games, while the Inters down competed in swim relays.  There were some interesting swim relay events, such as the “bock” swim (sound like a chicken while you swim), and the freestyle Tshirt relay (swim in your Tshirt).  Meanwhile on the beach kids were cheering each other on and/or building sandcastles and hanging out with new and old friends.

That evening we had age-group evening activities and gave the girls the option to watch the World Cup.  Most of the girls preferred to participate in the evening activities with their friends like scavenger hunts and tie-dying.  There was a solid crew of girls that were happy to see the USA’s convincing victory as well.

It was a great day and we are excited to get back into regular activities and see what next week has in store for us!


Update – the score after Day 1: White 50, Green 49!