Building Projects – Ropes Pagoda

Vega's iconic Ropes Pagoda is getting an upgrade in order to keep the structure safe.

Vega’s iconic Ropes Pagoda is getting an upgrade in order to keep the structure safe.

While there is still much to do to “wrap-up” the incredibly wonderful 2016 season, we have been busy planning for 2017.  Much of that is determining what improvements and additions need to take place at camp during the “off-season.” There are various projects we are planning to accomplish this year. Some are big and some are small, but all of them will help keep Vega’s building and grounds beautiful, and more importantly, safe.

One of the first big projects of this off-season is a new ropes pagoda. As you may have noticed, the grand old oak tree for the pagoda sadly died a few years ago, and we extended the life of the structure by removing the top of the tree. However, the ropes pagoda and tree are no longer safe as is, and it’s impossible to continue to use the tree for a new pagoda. So, we decided to make the best out of it, and are seriously upgrading the ropes course again!

The new challenge course ropes pagoda will be a similar size and in the exact same location. However, it is going to have a spiral staircase that leads up to a second larger level!  There will be a deck at the lower level (similar to the old pagoda) and then another deck at the height of the high challenge course bridges. Since we have to remove the dead tree, and cannot replace it with a living tree of the necessary size, we are using telephone poles on and around which the new pagoda will be built.

The lower deck will connect to the gravel road with a walkway exactly as it does now.  There will be a spiral staircase leading from the lower deck to the upper deck.  We are going to keep access to the ship’s mast net climbing element at the lower deck. The new and exciting addition, is that we are going to add two traverse bridges from the upper deck to the high challenge course that was upgraded a few years ago!

Stay tuned for other exciting project throughout the off-season!