2016 Video Yearbook & Reunion: Reliving Vega’s 80th Year

On a sunny Sunday morning in November, hundreds of Vega campers and their families gathered   to celebrate the 2016 Summer Camp season and watch the premiere of the 2016 Video Yearbook.  It was wonderful to escape to our summer home both on the screen, and in our hearts and minds.

It was incredible to relive a few of the moments that made the 2016 summer exceptional, and be reminded of what makes Camp Vega, so special: YOU!  The power of camp is hard to explain, and in watching the yearbook, we see the virtues that Vega campers learn and embody: teamwork, friendship, gratitude, empathy, perseverance, taking on new challenges, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and so much more.

As 2016, Vega 80th year, draws to a close, we look to the lessons and happy memories of the past to preserve Vega’s traditions and enhance the summer experience for each camper.  These traditions create a link between the past, present and future, and are part of what allows all of us in the Vega community to belong to something greater than ourselves.

Vega campers enjoy a beautiful double rainbow during summer 2016

Vega campers enjoy a beautiful double rainbow during summer 2016

And while cherished traditions are protected and carried on, we are always looking for ways to improve.  After attending, observing, and listening to some suggestions we agree that the reunion could be even better.  We have begun brainstorming ideas for locations and activities for Fall 2017 to make the event more fun and activity based – in other words, more like camp!  We have some great ideas and would love to hear if you have any as well.

So, as 2016 draws to a close, we send our love to everyone in the Camp Vega Family, and wish you all a 2017 filled with friendship, laughter, love, and if we’re lucky, some time in Echo Lake 🙂