Camp in Touch Forms and Dock Updates

Dear Vega,

We have been in full swing at the office getting all of the forms and information up for parents on everyone’s Vega Camp in Touch accounts.  We have also been busy interviewing staff and talking to new and interested families for this summer.  We will begin updating the “Meet the Staff” and “First Year Camper” pages on the Vega website soon.

Camper in Camp Vega’s swim lanes

Meanwhile, up at camp, Tiger, Scott and Anthony have been busy with a plethora of dock repairs in the shop.  Some of the repairs include building a brand new section of the swim lanes.  These docks are unique because they need to have walls in the water so swimmers can practice and compete with their flip turns!  These walls also help eliminate choppiness in the lanes, so everyone can get the smoothest swim possible.

That’s it for now, stay tuned!
Kyle & Emily