2013 Uniform Catalog

Camp Vega’s 2013 Clothing Catalog

Dear Vega,

We are excited to mail out the 2013 Uniform Catalog tomorrow!  The catalog is put together in partnership with our wonderful clothing company, The Camp Spot.  Everything you need for the summer can be found in the catalog, including a complete packing list.  You can also view and purchase any item online on The Camp Spot website.

The Camp Spot hosts road shows in cities along the east coast.  See your catalog or their website for a schedule.  Appointments are recommended if you plan on attending a travel show.  You can also visit them year round in their Livingston, NJ showroom.

We are proud to continue the Vega tradition of being a uniform camp.  A uniform environment is especially important for girls today, who are under so much pressure to “look perfect” (see this Psychology Today article on the subject) At Vega, it doesn’t matter what you look like, and girls are never judged by anyone for what they wear – because everyone is wearing the same thing.

Having a uniform at camp also makes day-to-day living easy.  Vega’s approach to clothing for both campers and staff is summed up this way:  “They get up.  They put their green shorts on.  They put their white shirt on.  And they’re out!”  We are proud to be Green and White for 77 years!

We, and The Camp Spot, are happy to assist you in any way that we can!

Warmest wishes,

Kyle and Emily