Camp Projects Throughout the Year

We are happy to announce some of the larger projects the buildings and grounds department will be working on leading up to the 2020 summer camp session!   This year’s buildings and grounds team consists of Tiger, Scott, Chris, and Alex.  They are currently working on:

Equestrian Center Roof & Solar Panels. The Equestrian Center is getting a new roof, which is then going to be fitted with a large (31 Kilowatt) array of solar panels in a few weeks.  We announced this project last year and it has been in the works for even longer; we are excited to see if come to fruition!

Theater Renovation.  Afterward the Equestrian Center roof project, the crew will focus on our theater, known by most as “The Lodge”!  We are planning on both expanding and renovating the theater throughout the year.  The girls now will be able to enjoy performances and festivities in a more spacious and air-conditioned performing arts center!  

Some other notable projects include:

  • Screens for Tumbledown
  • Bathroom renovations for Belgrade and Saco
  • Additional ice machines
  • New staff housing
  • Dock repair/construction

Before we could start on any of these projects, we had to close up all the departments for the winter.  The crib and remaining docks have been removed and all the boats are now in storage and winterized.  And of course that’s on top of the day-to-day and seasonal maintenance like shutting-off the water (except to the Shop), mowing the lawns, removing fallen leaves (now that’s a big task!), and keeping the snow off the roofs and roads once winter arrives.

There are many additional projects on the list this year, and we are looking forward to sharing progress throughout the year. T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U to our dedicated year-round Maintenance Crew. Vega is incredibly fortunate to have such hard-working, caring and talented people keeping our summer home in tip-top shape.