Dunk your kicks

Yesterday, Vega participated in “Dunk Your Kicks”. Founded to support Pediatric Cancer Research, Max Cure Foundation’s mission is to create awareness for the illness and raise money for those less fortunate.

David Plotkin, founder of The Max Cure Foundation, shared how his son became diagnosed and what his family has done to help others in the same situation. In an effort to raise the necessary funds for cancer research, David travels around to schools and camps with their “Dunk Your Kicks” campaign.

The campaign solicits children and adults alike to “Dunk” their old tennis shoes, which in turn get refurbished and sold. On average, the foundation collects one dollar per pair. So far, the effort has been very successful and continues to pick up awareness for the cause. At the end of camp this year, Vega will have “Shoe Drops” where campers and staff may donate their used tennis shoes as part of the campaign. We were very happy to host David and his family and wish them all the best as they continue on with their mission.