There was much anticipation all day in preparation for tonight’s evening activity, Halloween! It began today during rest period when everyone spent time creating their unique and mostly home-made costume. Glitter and paint was flying in Lily  Bay (Upper Arts and Crafts building) as everyone’s creative juices were at full speed.

Before dinner, everyone assembled at the bottom of the dining hall steps to show off their work. There were individual, partner and group costumes that ranged from Alice In Wonderland to the 3 Musketeers Candy Bar. Everyone had the chance to introduce their character for the evening before grabbing their plate for Lawn Dinner.

Then the real festivities began! For the younger groups, a kid-friendly spooky house and carnival delighted the masses with games and candy galore. The older girls spent the evening as dusk approached, traveling down an elaborate haunted trail. The trail took them all along the waterfront with tiki torches lighting their way. Ending with a Varna Bar in hand, it seemed everyone had a wonderful time.

The Vega News Office