This is goodnight and not goodbye

Dear Vega 2018,

Many people have asked us what the hardest part of our “job” is and we’ve realized over the years that the hardest part is saying goodbye.  At Final Sunset Circle we spoke about how one of the many important lessons we all learn at Vega is how to let go.

Letting go of the 2018 Vega Family has been especially hard and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to spend this summer with you.  We cannot thank enough every camper, staff member, and parent for helping us achieve a summer that was truly on another level.  The campers pushed creativity to the limit in arts and performances, left it all on the fields, courts and Echo Lake, and found beauty in those around them while forming new friendships.

As the 2018 Vega family re-enters the real-world, they may face challenges and pressures related to school, work, sports and social media.  Remember to face it all with your heads held high, be yourselves, and represent the Vega Values as we’ve seen you do and know you can.

Thank you again for making Camp Vega your summer home.  We miss each and every one of you and are counting the days until we meet again.

All our love,
Kyle and Emily