I am Now a Camp Vega Parent!

Thank you to Sandy Harris, Vega’s Program Director, for sharing her perspective as together we all countdown to an incredibly special, and long awaited for, 2021 summer. 

Sandy, Sami and Taylor in 2020

Summer 2021 marks two big personal milestones. First, it will be my 20th summer working at Camp Vega (even though I was able to visit last summer, it certainly didn’t count).  Back in the summer of 2000, I was a very late hire by Kyle’s father, Dick Courtiss. I worked in the  landsports department, was a counselor to 10-year-old campers in a cabin named “Acadia”, and my group leader was Debbie Green!  It is because of those amazing girls that I returned and am still working at Vega today.

Another exciting milestone is that I am going to be a Camp Vega Parent!  My twin daughters, Sami and Taylor will be campers this summer. Growing up in Utah, I didn’t know camps like Vega existed, not to mention the possibility of working at one and having my children attend.

Hard to believe this was 7 years ago!

Sending a child to full session overnight camp is not easy for any parent, but knowing the people, values, commitment and love that Vega is all about makes it so much easier.

I still have a hard time explaining the magic of camp to friends and family.  But over the years I’ve learned to trust my feelings, and Camp Vega makes me feel accepted, challenged, supported and loved. A place that makes me feel that way is somewhere I am thrilled for my girls to experience and be a part of.

This summer, 2021, is certainly going to be the most special, extraordinary, and transformative experience for everyone, and I am honored to help all of the campers and staff reach their goals.