Spring – here we come!

Dear Vegans,

The end of winter is almost in sight!  We’ve been non-stop everyday here at the Camp Vega office getting ready to keep the tradition of making each summer better than ever.  Kyle has been interviewing hundreds of staff member applicants and great application are coming in almost everyday.  Emily has been busy meeting new campers, and we are both making sure everyone will be ready for camp. We recently send out our first year camper questionnaire, and will start posting those on the new website in the new future.

On a different note, we have some program updates!  As you may know, Gaga is an extremely popular activity at camp – so much so that it is not its own department and is going to be headed up by some talented alumnae!  So Sub Juniors – Super Juniors will need to choose Gaga as one of their activities as it will not be an automatic Landsport activity.  Also, there were some great ideas about what to do with the old staff room, thank you!  Due to the size and location of the space, we are going with spinning, which received a lot of support.  So, Inters on up who would like to rock out on bikes for a spin activity can sign up for that as well!

Tons of love!

Kyle & Emily