State at Vega!

Dear Vega,

Every summer as our camp community comes together, we impart our feelings of how lucky and appreciative we all are to be in such a beautiful place, experiencing fun activities and forming strong bonds of friendship with one another.  This feeling of appreciation is an important part of life at Vega.  We want to make sure no one takes a moment of the summer, or their life, for granted.

We know we have so much to be grateful for, and are always looking for new opportunities to give back.  This summer at Visiting Day, not only will kids and parents be greeting each other with huge smiles and hugs, but you will also be greeted by our friends who started the company STATE Bags.  This Brooklyn-based company  will be poppin’ up shop throughout Visiting Weekend to showcase their awesome bag collection (for kids AND parents!), and best of all – for every bag purchased, they’ll hand-deliver one to an American student in need.  It’s called their GiveBackPack Program and in just one year STATE has provided not only thousands of new bags to local kids in need, but role-models and positive messaging as well.  And…if our Camp Vega campaign is able to sell 250 bags, STATE will hand-deliver that amount to our public school or charity of choice!

We’re excited about them coming and we believe you will all enjoy their products, and more importantly, their genuine mission to support kids in need growing up in our own communities.

For more information about STATE Bags, check out, and to purchase one with our special 25% off coupon code, just type in VEGA at checkout and it’ll go towards our campaign!

121 Days until Camp!!

Kyle & Emily