Tumbledown gets a makeover for the new year!

Happy 2013 Vega!

Vega’s gymnastics facility, Tumbledown, is starting off the new year with a new look!  The Vega maintenance crew was busy this week putting new clapboard siding on the front of Tumbledown, which replaced the original siding dating back to the 70’s.  Tiger, Scott and Anthony put up scaffolding and went to work, completing the project in just 3 1/2 days!  The siding will be painted in the spring to match the other Vega buildings, at which time the big “V” will be put back up.  See the progression of their work in these pics.

Work begins on Tumbledown siding

Work on Tumbledown continues high on the scaffolding. Pictured here is Anthony Adams.

Tumbledown siding complete.

We will keep you posted with more projects as they are completed.  On the office front, we’ve activated the activity selection form, so if anyone would like to request a copy of a draft of their schedule for 2013 after they fill out the form on https://vega.campintouch.com email Kyle!  Meanwhile we would love to hear news from you that we can post on our blog and Vega’s Facebook – either Vega news or other accomplishments.

Best wishes,

Kyle, Emily and Linda