Vega Performs at Cancer Benefit

Tonight, some Vegans got to participate in something truly special. The Vega Dance Company and the Vega Stars Gymnastics Company are traveling to Winthrop this evening to participate in the 4th Annual Cancer Care Benefit.  This event and organization was founded in memory of a man whose life was lost after a 2 year battle with cancer. As a medium for which to raise funds for cancer research, it has also developed in to an exhibition for local young artists. Find out more here:

Both of the Vega companies have worked very hard on their pieces and performed with such grace. Under the swift direction of Michelle Tolson for Dance and Christine Barnard for Gym, both departments have grown to excellent heights over the past few years.

After tonight, the companies will continue to rehearse for the next big show, which is Visiting Weekend… only a week away!

The Vega News Office