Exciting New Facility & Activity Updates!

Hello Camp Vega!

We are excited to share updates on some of the projects the Maintenance Crew at camp has been working on throughout the year.

While we’ve been preparing logistics, staffing, FUN! and so much more for 2021 (a.k.a. the most special Vega summer ever!) they’ve been very busy as well.

Remodeled & Expanded Lodge Theater

Originally scheduled for 2020, the Lodge Theater remodel has come out beautifully! We are sure the extra space, new lighting and sound systems, private practice spaces, air-conditioning and ventilation will be enjoyed by everyone in various ways this summer and for years to come!

We are optimistic that by mid- to late-season 2021, if not earlier, our “Vega Bubbling” efforts will allow us to gather all together as a camp community and enjoy performances in the comfortable new space.

View from the expanded sound and lighting booth, January 2021.
View from stage left, January 2021.

New Camper Cabin!

It’s official – Scott, Tiger and the crew are busy building a new camper cabin! As you can see below, it is located approximately between the Rangeley and Acadia cabins.

If you would like to suggest a name for the new cabin, please email it to us with the subject: New Cabin Name.

And remember, all the buildings at camp are named after places in Maine, such as rivers, lakes, towns, mountains and national/state parks (with the exceptions of the Dining Hall, Field House, White House and Lodge).

View from the top of Inter Hill of the new cabin construction between Rangeley and Acadia, March 2021.
View of the new cabin construction looking towards Inter Hill, with Acadia visible behind it, March 2021.
View of of the new cabin construction looking towards Junior camp with Pemaquid visible to the left and Algonquin visible through the trusses, March 2021. Can you spot Scott B. on the scaffolding? Hint: the water zipline tower’s peeking out behind him 😁

We are also excited to announce two new activities! 

Mountain biking has been part of the Outdoor Adventure department for the past few years, and girls who venture out on bikes have usually travelled through camp or sometimes challenged themselves on our mountain biking trails. We are adding a “Pump Track” for anyone who would like to have a bit of an extra challenge. A pump track is a circuit of “rollers” and “banked turns” and this website may give you a better idea of what pump tracks are and how to have fun on them.

Also, Pickleball will now be an option for campers and staff to learn and enjoy periodically throughout the summer.  We have a collection of Pickleball rackets at camp (and disinfecting procedures), but anyone who has a Pickleball racket they would like to bring are more than welcome to.

Counting the days – just passed the 100 day mark!!!


Kyle, Emily and the incredible Camp Vega Team