Tennis Anyone?

Back in 2006, we welcomed a 20 year old collegiate tennis player to camp in early June.  Soon we realized that he very well may have been the kindest, most thoughtful, and dedicated guy we had ever met.  After three summers of consistently raising our standards and expectations of him, we decided to promote him to become our tennis director.  Most campers and staff currently know him as “Quito”, and in case you are wondering, his first summer there was another, much taller, “Marcos” working in the tennis department.  Quito adopted this nickname in his typical fashion: with a smile.

Over the years he continued to hone his professional tennis coaching craft during the Fall, Winter, and Spring at Bosse Sports outside of Boston and the Chris Evert tennis academy in Boca Raton.  A few years ago he began to develop additional programs and manage his family’s tennis club in Sao Paulo.  

Despite his ongoing endeavors on top of the challenges of the pandemic, Quito is still committed to returning to Vega this summer.  

However, he understands that it may not be possible, and so as always, he graciously agreed to continue to do everything in his power to come back to camp this summer to assist an even more experienced tennis pro, named Arup Dutta.

Arup heard of Vega many years ago and reached out to inquire if there was an opening.  Arup’s dedication, which is similar to Quito’s, certainly could be illustrated by his semi-annual phone calls to us.  Arup’s passion was evident immediately over the phone, and we are excited to be able to share both Quito’s and his passion (and the team of pros and collegiate players he is assembling for Vega) with the camp community this summer.  

We are so excited to see what new heights Arup, Quito, and their team can achieve for all skill levels during group lessons during regular activity periods.  Arup also has plenty of camp experience with other tennis camp favorites we offer at Vega such as the tennis ladder and the camper counselor tennis tournament. 

Private lessons have a new structure for 2021. Because of both demand and COVID best practices, we are now requiring registration for private tennis lessons throughout the summer for anyone who would like to excel even further.  This will minimize scheduling conflicts and waiting, and we believe will also further motivate the campers and the staff during tennis privates which take place during rest and coaches periods.

So, if you and your daughter are interested in signing up for private tennis lessons at camp this summer, please follow the instructions on this registration form.

Registration fees are fully refundable if unavoidable circumstances arise!