Finally, a Camp Friendly Music Device!

Vega has always been “screen free”, yet we’ve always allowed and enjoyed music, and personal music players.  In the 80s campers and staff used their Walkmans as they walked down Echo Lake Rd or used tapes and stereos to have dance parties in their bunks.  Discmans presented new and exciting functions in the 90s, but were so fragile. As technology advanced and CDs faded away we began to accommodate iPods. Then iPods were iTouches, then iPhones, and on and on.

It has become increasing challenging to to find a digital music player that just plays music without the other bell and whistles, like games, texting and videos…until now!

We are happy to share an update to Vega’s list of approved electronic devices, the CAMPFIRE PLAYER! This touchscreen device may look like a phone, but is built to only allow for music, music apps and downloads, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Audible, Amazon Music.

A camp parent who fondly remembers his time at camp listening to mix tapes on a Walkman got fed up with finding and organizing music on various, difficult to use devices for his kids (think shuffles or Mp3 players), so he created a camp friendly music player.  

The Campfire Player is available now for pre-order for camp families only, and will ship in May. For more information and to pre-order, go to or

Please note that Vega does not have any financial affiliation with the Campfire Player – we just want to help everyone enjoy their music! Of course, the iPod Shuffle and MP3 players without video capability are items that are still allowed (see our Electronics Policy in the Parent Handbook for more info.)

Once again, any questions regarding this new device should be directed to

Counting the days to rocking out with Vega 2021!

Kyle and Emily